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PostSubject: JIRUKU-The Brother   JIRUKU-The Brother EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 10:15 pm

JIRUKU-The Brother 263cuoz

•Wolf age: 2

•Gender: Male

•Breed: Arctic wolf/Timber wolf mix

•Desired rank: I'm not sure yet, Howler or chaser maybe.

•Pelt Color: White

•Wolf Build: Muscular, large.

•Eye Color: Green

•Personality: Jiruku is a very interesting wolf. He acts as though he were a pup, but he is mature and serious when need be. He is very talkative, and he generally always tries to make friends. He never lets his temper get the better of him. He is very enthusiastic about almost everything, and sympathetic.


JIRUKU was always playful, even when he was born. He was born in a beautiful place, where no one fought, no one was killed. His mother loved every one of her pups, and to Jiruku, she loved his brother Kiba the most. One day, When she got up and left, All of the pups followed her as they usually had. Jiruku lagged behind, staring at everything that fascinating to him. He followed the little procession out of the den and to the river. This was their usual cleaning spot, and one by one she cleaned them. When she cleaned Jiruku, he felt happy by her, and he never wanted to leave. She was giving full attention to him, for he was very dirty. When she was done, she watched them play. She wasn't paying attention.

Jiruku was looking around at everything, tackling his siblings, having fun, until he heard a yelp from his mother.It was an unhealthy she-wolf, she had seemed to despise them all. Jiruku fled to a hiding spot until she was gone. The wolf was no where in sight. He saw Kiba walk up to his mother and bark, seeing she was not moving. Kiba let out a loud howl and it was then that he knew she was dead. He howled a mournful note as the rest of the pups joined in, a large hole that could never be replaced was moved into their mother's spot. Soon their father heard them, and he began mourning for his lovely mate. He yowled sadly and howled to the pack, who followed him in sadness. The pack all came up to see their dead alpha female. Jiruku saw that Kiba was whining when the whole pack howled a goodbye howl to their sprirts in the sky, and he wanted to comfort him. Kiba lciked his dead mother before a white wolf pick him up in her maw. Jiruku was startled as another wolf picked him up and carried him away. He watched his brother and other pups be taken by she-wolves.

The she- wolf was going to take care of him until he grew older. Jiruku would always see his brother, Kiba, at the river where he watched a wolf murder his mother. He saw him as He would always howl at the full moon.

Time passed, and Jiruku was now an adult. He could go places he could not before, and he would always sit in the forest, thinking of his mother.
"Ruku." He heard her call.
His heart would throb sadly.
He always heard his brother howling. Kiba's howl became louder and stronger. One day, Jiruku could not find Kiba. Where was Kiba? He searched his favorite spots, but he was not there. Times pasted, and Jiruku left his family pack to find a mate. One day he came across his brother. His brother had started a pack. He joined Kiba's pack, and that's where he was then, until now.


•Nickname: Ruku, Rukie.

•Name meaning: Has no meaning, I made it up.

•Height: 3 ft 7" at the shoulder

•Weight: 95 lbs

•Scars: One on her leg and on his stomach.

•Family: Mother- Ash- dead
Father- Bud- unknown
Brother- Neco- unknown
Brother- Remi- unknown
Sister- Smoke- unknown
Brother- Kiba- Alive

•Mate/Crush: Crush...Hmm...Maybeee Wink

•Pups: Nuu...!!

•Habits: Jiruku has a habit of biting his leg a lot.

•Likes: He likes to be around people, and he likes to watch to moon and stars. He loves snow, He has a soft spot for pups, and he loves running.

•Dislikes: Wolves who always are so quiet, who are snobby, wolves who think they are better than everyone. Searing heat, the taste of mouse.

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PostSubject: Re: JIRUKU-The Brother   JIRUKU-The Brother EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 11:44 pm

Bio accepted! Welcome brother you may now start in at the rp.
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