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    PostSubject: Kiba- The command   Kiba- The command EmptyWed Mar 27, 2013 11:09 pm

    The Basics

    Name: Kiba
    Age: Two years old
    gender: Male
    rank: command
    eye color: blue
    nickname: Key

    The past

    Kiba looks up at his mother. They were in a beautiful place. No one fought, no one was killed. His mother licked his head and got up. All of the pups follow her. She walks out of the den to the river. One by one she cleans them. Her guard was down.

    A unhealthy wolf was spying on them. She couldn't have pups and the sight of the happy family made her sick. She walks out quietly and quickly goes up to his mother and attacks her. She puts her in a hard postion. Soon she was gone. The fae ran off. Kiba walked to his mother and barked, seeing her not moving. Kiba let out a loud howl. The other joined in. Soon their father an to the litter and saw his dead mate. He yowled sadly and howled to the pack. The pack all came up to see their dead beta female. Kiba was whineing when the whole pack howled a goodbye howl to their sprirts in the sky. Kiba lciked his dead mother before a white wolf pick him up in her maw.

    The white wolf was going to take care of him intill he goes to meat. Kiba would always spend time at the river where he watched a wolf murder his mother. He would always howl at the full moon.

    When Kiba was an adult he was very pleased. He would go to the river every week. HIs body was stronger and larger. His howl became louder and stronger. One day he was at the river, glanceing at the pretty clear blue water. Kiba heard a noise and looked around. He soon saw the alpha of a pack, came up to him. He order him to come to his pack or he would kill his pack. Kiba is graceful and so he agreed to it and went with the male.


    Kiba is very protect and graceful, He would die for his pack but never will. He keeps to himself but will bring out the angry side to protect anything. His bad side will get alomst anyone hurt. He is kind to most wolves that are kind.


    mother- Ash- dead
    father- Bud- unknown
    brother- Neco- unknown
    brother- Remi- unknown
    sister- smoke- unknown
    brother- Jiruku- alive
    mate: N/A
    pups: N/A
    crush: N/A


    Kiba has a all white coat with grey around his face. He has a strong build with powerful jaws and legs. He has one scar over his left eye. He has a dark mussle that is normal stained with blood.
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