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 Echo: The Runaway

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PostSubject: Echo: The Runaway   Tue May 28, 2013 8:40 pm

Name: Echo

Wolf age:1 1/2

Gender: Male

Breed: Gray wolf

•Desired rank: Chaser

Pelt Colour: Jet black

Wolf Build: Very muscular and will grow to be very large in size.

Eye colour: Blue

Personality: Echo will keep to him self until he knows you and trusts you, he would rather be a leader than a follower but he will respect the dominant Male and/or Female

History: Echo was raised by a disfuntion pack, they did not respect any of each other, the only this that kept them together was the thought of death. Being a pup while in the pack, he didn't realize this, but when he turned 1, he saw the pack for what it really was....a horrible one there was constant fighting and many didn't survive the Alpha's attacks against them, including his parents. The night his parents were killed, he ran away as far as his yearling legs could.

Nickname: Never was given one

Name meaning: His parents never got the Chance to explain it to him

Height: 30 inches and still growing

Weight: 125lbs.

Current condition: fairly health but in need of a family soon

Scars: None

Family: parents were both killed, none of his siblings survive their first yearr

Mate/Crush: Not old enough to think about a mate yet.

Pups: None

Habits: Wandering around at night.

Likes: Food, female wolves

Dislikes: Other wolves that are loud or are disrespectful.

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PostSubject: Re: Echo: The Runaway   Tue May 28, 2013 10:49 pm

Accepted, you may begin role play at The emerald forest!
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Echo: The Runaway
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