we are the only one's who survive the moonlight
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 Joining Form (Who Are We added)

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PostSubject: Joining Form (Who Are We added)   Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:12 pm


We are the only ones that survive the moonlight....


We are the pack that thrives in moonlight, while most wolves hide when the full moon comes to its fullest. But we take the light and use it, in ways unimaginable. We howl at the moon as it gives us strength and power, and we never use it for evil only for good. We are the ones who use the moon as our food when none is found, it keeps us strong. We protect the young and the weak, all are safe with us. No one knows why anybody would stay where we are and Most packs think we are insane for even going near the moon, for so many tales have been told what happens to a wolf when they do.
The place in the moutains where it feels like the moon touchs the surface of the sky is where you may find us. We are the pack that will go down fighting and will never give up on hope. We will fight until there is no fighting left.



We would never make anybody join, but if you are looking for a pack that will never stop you from guessing what will happen next you should join this pack.


The full moon pack was made deep in the blue moutains about three years ago, Kiba the alpha male started to wonder what it was like with his own pack, so he made one where it was peacefull and there was food and water to keep the packliveing on. Than finally some wolves found the pack and kicked off the pack and now it is expanding.


pack name- Full moon pack or FMP
Pack colors- TBD
pack song- TBD
pack site- http://fullmoonpack.forumotion.com/
Rp status: Somewhat Active.
Pack status: Somewhat Active
Joining status: Open
Newest member: Silver


1. If you join the full moon pack you must join the website.

2. If you want to be a member you must fill out the form and post it on the thread, I might or might not take forms that have been sent though pm. If you give me a reason you can post on a form I will understand. You may also join on the website, there is a form there.

3. Stay active

4. if you are going to be gone for a while you must post on the pack site about it.

5. If you do not post on the pack site for two weeks you will be warned.

6. When you post in rp you must keep it third person.

7. Try to have more than ten sentences when you rp.

8. Have fun.

9. Put Gator for secret answer.

10. You must have at least ten or more post count on WQ.

11. Please post your bio before Rping.



COMMAND- These are the wolves that control the pack, you can bring your questions and concerns to them.

Command: Kiba
Command: Jiruku

HOWLER- These are the wolves who are the second in command. There can be only four of this rank. This rank has to be earned by how active you are on the site and by your helpfulness.


GRAND- These are the wolves third in command. There can only be two in this rank and it must be earned exactly like the Howler group.

Grand- TBD
Grand- TBD


CHASER- The hunters of the pack. They lead the hunts and is very trusted by the Commands to get food. Without them, the pack would have a hard time surviving.

Chaser- open
Chaser- Saved for Sharon
Chaser- open
Chaser- open

MOON- This rank is for the elders of the pack, we count on them for wisdom, for they know more about life then the younger.

Moon- open
Moon- open
Moon- Open

STAR- These are the pups of the pack. If you are One or younger you must join this rank.

Star- open
Star- open
Star- open
Star- open

TRAINER- These are the wolves who train the pups for a new rank. They are very trustworthy and we trust them with our dear little pups.

Trainer- open
Trainer- open
Trainer- open

GUARD- The wolves who protect the pack the most. The Command group counts them for their lives.

Guard- saved for Luna
Guard- open
Guard- Open
Guard- open

OMEGA- The wolves that have done something wrong or the wolves that have yet to earn a rank yet.

Omega- Open
Omega- Luna
Omega- Kira
Omega- Sharon
Omega- Open


Get the first member ^

Get five members ^

Have the first contest_

Get all of the high ranks filled_



☽ WQ username:

☽ Wolf name:

☽ Wolf age:

☽ Rank wanted:

☽ Wolf gender:

☽ Eye color

☽ Wolf pelt:

☽ Secret Answer:

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PostSubject: Re: Joining Form (Who Are We added)   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:16 pm

☽ WQ username: silver rose flame

☽ Wolf name: silver

☽ Wolf age: 1

☽ Rank wanted: chaser or howler

☽ Wolf gender: female

☽ Eye color: ice blue

☽ Wolf pelt: silver

☽ Secret Answer: gator
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Posts : 37
Join date : 2013-03-25
Age : 18
Location : Right behind you...O.O

PostSubject: Re: Joining Form (Who Are We added)   Mon May 13, 2013 1:38 pm

Accepted, I see that you wrote your bio already Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Joining Form (Who Are We added)   

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Joining Form (Who Are We added)
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